Print publications

Printed supplements, meeting reports and clinical journal production.

A well produced, pertinent printed publication is something that will be appreciated by your audience and could be used as a valuable source of reference for many months and years to come. As more and more publications are being produced digitally, printed items become more desirable as they become limited. Readers of printed items absorb content differently taking a slower approach, potentially captivating them for longer. And they won’t be interrupted by digital ads popping up distracting them from the text.

Our background is in magazine production, so we know how publishing works and will create a well designed publication that will deliver content in an intelligent and distinctive style to your targeted audiences.


We can take on the complete project including the appointment of medical writers and editors, or we can design and manage elements of the production process working with approved content and images, or alongside your own creative team. Distribution can be arranged as you advise, and might be through targeted print journals or using rented lists from mailing partners.

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