Digital publications

Online meeting reports, e-newsletters and clinical supplements.

A digital publication can offer a cost-effective opportunity to disseminate timely information, and can deliver snippets of relevant news allowing readers to ‘content snack’. Digital journals and online reports can be produced as an adjunct to a printed journal or as a standalone publication delivered via a website or one click from a bespoke email.

Digital marketing ensures specific targeting can be offered and metrics are delivered, so you can know exactly how readers are viewing and responding. Some formats offer opportunities for video content and banner advertising to further engage with your target audience.


We have many resources at our disposal, so can be considered a one-stop-shop. We can produce flip-page formatting from artwork compatible with a printed journal, or design an e-newsletter that has video content and banner advertising opportunities. Delivery can be via a website or one click from a bespoke email.

Analytics will show which articles readers are viewing and how they engage with the content.

Web design