AD RESIZING (print and digital)

Resizing from master files and PDFs.

Sometimes creative agencies and studios will hit a bottleneck and less urgent work can stack up. Or clients may not have access to creative services, but need an ad in a hurry that is a different size to the ads they hold.

We resize ads from master files or sometimes from high res PDFs, and can manage the approval process with your clients if required. This service works alongside our media schedule management and fulfilment service, which means we liaise publishers and meet their requirements, so you don’t have to. You can trust that ads will be delivered to the correct size, on time and with written copy instructions, so good record keeping is assured.


We will obtain specifications and copy deadlines from publishers and can resize ads, proof back for sign off and deliver to journals with written copy instructions. We will keep records of who has had what and when, so you can revisit campaigns at any time to see what has been fulfilled.

This service is available to clients who do not have access to creative services or to creative agencies to free up valuable studio time.

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