A well produced publication will be valued by your audience and could be used as a source of reference for many weeks and months to come.


We will liaise with publishers and manage all aspects of media schedule fulfilment, so you don't have to.

Ad resizing

We resize ads to publishers' specifications and deliver everything to journals on time and on budget.

Digital ad production

We design and produce static and multi-frame digital ads.


Our design service is valuable to clients with no access to creative services, or to free up creative agencies' limited studio time.

Direct mail

Direct mail’s response rates can be significantly higher than that of digital.

Source: DMA report.

the production pharm

We are an independent production agency working with healthcare, and pharma marketing and communications clients. Our skills are in all types of production and project management. We specialise in ad production including ad resizing for print and digital journals, media schedule fulfilment and management, journal production such as clinical supplements and meeting reports in both print and digital formats, and e-marketing.

We work alongside pharma industry, media agencies, medical communication agencies, creative agencies and sometimes directly with brand communicators.

We will be your production and project management team when you need us.

The Production Pharm is conversant with the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the MHRA Blue Guide for advertising and promotion of over the counter medicines in the UK, and the national codes of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries (EFPIA) members.

Print publications

We have many years experience in producing magazines, clinical supplements and meeting reports for...

Digital publications

Our digital supplements can be formatted as either (interactive) PDF or flip-book style. These can be delivered...

Media schedule fulfilment

Working from confirmed media schedules, we will obtain publishers' specifications and...

Ad resizing

Working from master files and sometimes PDFs we can resize ads and deliver to journals with clear copy...


We offer visual communication ideas for print and digital advertising, clinical supplements and...

Inserts and outserts

We can advise on artwork specifications for bound inserts, band wrappers etc. or work with...

Bespoke emails and websites

We design engaging bespoke emails and easy to navigate websites for your target audience...

Direct mail

Direct mail is still very much alive and kicking, despite the increase in digital media. The Direct Marketing...

"The Production Pharm are a vital external partner for us. Annie is hugely experienced and ensures that any print or production requirements we have for ourselves, or on behalf of our clients, are managed efficiently and expertly. Having the ability to utilise such a slick and professional operation, adds value to our business as their high quality delivery and outstanding performance reflects well on us. I have no hesitation in recommending The Production Pharm to creative agencies, publishers or clients who may require additional creative resource or need print or creative services."

Andrew King
Managing Director

"Annie is a fine example of what a production person should really be. Future generation print and creative services buyers could learn a lot from her. Her attention to detail and understanding of specifications, scheduling and her clear instructions ensure work is done to a high standard and everything is understood. Annie and her team also have a massive amount of knowledge about the whole world of journal inserts, cover wraps etc working within the pharmaceutical market, so artworks are always perfect and when we print these kind of jobs for The Production Pharm, as challenging as the schedules can be, they are always completed on time."

David Fortune

"Having worked with Annie for many years, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Production Pharm. They are  reliable, flexible and responsive, and deliver on time. Their attention to detail is reassuring and there is always someone on the end of a telephone if there are changes/questions. Working in print production I work with many agencies and designers. Sometime we are asked to recommend people, and The Production Pharm are always on my list of the good guys!"

Sean Johnson
Group Ad Production Manager
The BMJ Group

"We have worked with Annie for the best part of twenty years and throughout that time her professionalism, attention to detail and can-do positive attitude have shone through at all times. In a world increasingly dominated by compliance these are key qualities that combined with her knowledge and experience make her our go-to provider for media schedule management."

Julie Bartlett and Andrew Davis

"We have worked with The Production Pharm on various projects over a number of years including the production of a magazine to GPs for referrals to a private hospital, and media schedule fulfilment during busy studio times. Annie communicates clearly with our studio to make sure journal requirements are observed and copy dates are met, and faces changes and challenges with endurance and enthusiasm and a good dose of humour. We know we can rely on Annie and her team and projects will be completed to everyone's satisfaction."

Lisa Dodd
Joint Managing Director

"I always recommend Annie and The Production Pharm to my clients, as she is efficient and well organised. I don’t have time to waste with missed deadlines, so as far as I am concerned there is no alternative to The Production Pharm."

Richard Mair
Business Development Manager, NH Publishing Ltd

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